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"Moderates" abusing Anti-Semitism to make Factional Gains must Stop

Moderates" abusing Anti-Semitism to make Factional Gains must End

"Moderates" abusing Anti-Semitism to make Factional Gains must Stop

by Yoni Higgsmith
Labour party “moderates’ have been abusing anti-Semitism in the party since Corbyn was elected. The attacks come against Corbyn, Momentum & anyone with economic and social policies that are not Blairite or Conservative. Neither Corbyn nor Momentum are anti-Semitic but rather just claims that a handful of supporters have made antisemitic comments.
But more than a handful of “moderates” are using the platform of discussing this to factionally attack Corbyn and Momentum for it. Momentum are regularly criticised by factions to the right of them for being factional and for being antisemitic - but never mind that many of their organisers are Jews and that none of them have reported any antisemitism from Momentum.
Rhea Wolfson is an anti-austerity campaigner and until yesterday was part of the left slate aiming to run for Labour’s NEC. She has already won several endorsements from CLPs and affiliates across the country, including the Jewish Labour Movement. But she needed her home CLP to nominate her to be able to stand.
Rhea’s statement today announced that her home CLP did not grant her that opportunity after an intervention by Jim Murphy (former leader of Scottish Labour) encouraging members to vote against her due to her backing by Momentum – alleging that they “have a problem with anti-Semitism”.
Rhea made her speech, answered questions from the floor and left the room in good faith only to have the smear made without her being able to answer to it. As the only Jewish candidate in the running for NEC, anti-Semitism has been affecting Rhea’s campaign since she started running.
Labour Party trade unionists in the GMB overwhelmingly came to her aid and reported the matter to the police. Abuse of anti-Semitism by the right wing of the Labour Party, betraying the trust of the Jewish community is vicious and abusive and Wolfson’s response was inspiring;
“But I will not give up. I will do what I set out to do when I decided to run. I will fight this election hard and give members the battle of ideas that they deserve. I hope that you will join me.”
Jewish Voice UK are shocked, disappointed and saddened by those in the aggressively “moderate” body of the party who, working with Tory blogs and journalists, have been abusing our community and the past sufferings of our community to score factional gains that move the politics of our country towards the right.
The right of the Labour Party are not only playing factional politics but worse, they are abusing anti-Semitism to stop the only Jewish candidate standing for the NEC from being able to stand. This latest attack by Jim Murphy is unacceptable.

Rhea is appealing the decision and we will continue to support her so that no form of anti-Semitism or abuse of anti-Semitism can be employed to harm her candidacy. In solidarity.