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I really wish I didn’t have to write this, and I’ve thought long and hard about doing Daniel Vulkan

How Can We Solve Abuse in the Labour Party?
The Centrists in the Labour Party like to claim abuse only comes from the Left and not from them. Well that's not really true.
by Yoni Higgsmith
Pegida & Anti-Muslim groups pose great danger to the Jewish Community
The Jewish community has always suffered the knock on affects of Islamophobia
by Shlomo Anker
Nuclear Weapons a 20th Century solution
TIt has been a long-held belief that a nuclear-armed country has the strength of deterring potential aggressors
by Ariel Moshe
Corbyn Not Cameron!
As we see increasingly in today's papers and on television, our world is far from harmonious. From war in the Middle East to poverty at home, we don't have to look far to see people in need.
by Ariel Moshe
British Antisemitism: An Old Bigotry Resurgent?
Antisemitism is a problem, one that is largely on the fringes. Often it is ignored or played down, but official statistics show that. 
by Ariel Moshe

Strangers in the Land of Europe
The increasing crisis facing Europe is spoke of in terms of "migrants", a term which obfuscates the reality. These people are not migrants
by Ariel Moshe
Pride is Political
Since Pride season is upon us, I thought I’d take the opportunity to discuss LGBT issues for the first time on this blog. Pride is a fabulous time for queer folk; it is a time we can be open,....
by Ariel Moshe

I wish I could be Anti-Zionist but...I agree, I think criticizing Israel is not only not anti-Semitism but its good. i do it all the time and you may not believe me but.....
by Shlomo Anker

Left-Zionism is Pro-Palestinian
Left Wing Zionism is something that exists in both Israel and UK. We are anti-occupation, pro peace in both Palestine and Israel...

by Yoni Higgsmith

Many Zionists are concerned about Jeremy Corbyn.  The fear is not what we have been discussing in the Jewish community....

by Yoni Higgsmith